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Reference Data in Microservices

My current client has a requirement to provide access to reference data in the form of holidays by country, currency holidays and banking information such as...

Event-Based Microservices Integration

I have seen numerous service integration patterns down the years that, in my opinion, have a myriad of issues that make it increasingly difficult to work wit...


Data Aggregation and Streaming

I was involved in a discussion at my current client recently regarding how to improve a service that aggregates data from several other services for, let’s s...

Lessons Learned

As a freelancer, I have worked with numerous teams, different cultures, distinct personalities and varying experience levels and in different capacities incl...


DTC-Enforced Constraints

There are numerous blogs and talks out there about why you should or should not use distributed transaction coordinators (DTC) and they cover a myriad of top...

Individuals and their Interactions

In this post, I would like to share my recent experience in a project that failed miserably, mainly due to negligence of the “Individuals and their Interacti...


Planning and Estimations are a waste

I have just come out of a planning meeting that I thought was a complete waste of time. We spent a full hour trying to estimate roughly how many days a numbe...

Use IOC Containers Judiciously

IOC containers are a great way to manage dependencies and their lifetimes. They have concise, fluent syntax and help keep all dependency configurations neatl...


Scalability and SOA - Part 1

In this series of posts, I will go through the challenges experienced developing a highly scalable and highly available SaaS product using a Service Oriented...